“She is living my dreams” – Many stunned as Nigerian lady speaks Korean fluently (Video)

“She is living my dreams” – Many stunned as Nigerian lady speaks Korean fluently (Video)

A Nigerian lady, Felicia, has astounded many online as she flawless speak Korean language.

In a video, going viral on social media, Felicia, who appeared to be multi-linguist, engaging in a conversation with ease during what appears to be an interview with a Korean man.

The fluency and precision with which she articulates her thoughts in Korean have left viewers in awe, expressing their amazement and admiration.

According to Felicia, who is also a working-class student, it took her two years to learn Korea, stating that she knows the basics.

The video has since circulated online with commenters flooding social media page with praises.

Read some comments below:

princesschiamaka_ said, “She didn’t learn this from kdrama,I think she’s studying Korea in school or taking It as extra lesson, me I’ve been watching kdrama for yearssssss and all I know is Oppa 😒”.

obiagu_07 said, “Na only this girl go end up marrying Lee min-ho for Nigeria 😂”.

l.tobiloba said, “She’ll be the first to get naturalised when China finally buy Nigeria. 🥴”.

nneeka_ said, “I didn’t want the conversion to finishhhhh…it was like i was watching a korean mixed Movie”.

ade._official said, “He said are you sure you didn’t choose the wrong nationality by mistake 😂😂”.

ameyuie said, “Some people are gifted in easily learning languages. Me, I can’t even speak my own father’s language 😢”.

usendollar said, “Someone please fine her for me ! She’s naturally beautiful ❤️”.

ms_xter said, “@anny_maddy See your mate, No be to watch all the Korean movie wey dey this world o, better learn something more that Ajushi or whatever 🙄🙄”.

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