Tonto Dikeh speaks as she finds happiness

Tonto Dikeh speaks as she finds happiness. Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh has discovered her happiness as she opens up about her past life as a worrier.

Tonto Dikeh took to her Instagram page to share her story, revealing that she used to be a constant worrier who wasted a significant portion of her life being sad without any valid reason. She emphasized that overthinkers tend to be right most of the time.

Furthermore, Tonto Dikeh expressed that she is now focused on enjoying life and has moved beyond her previous state of distress.

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In her own words, she wrote, “The intriguing aspect of being an overthinker is that you end up being right all along. I used to be a worrier and wasted much of my life being needlessly sad. BUT NOWWWWWW WE OUTSIDEEEEE! TIDAN IS BUILT FOR ENJOYMENT ONLY…”

Tonto Dikeh had previously shared her wishes for her children after her passing with her over seven million Instagram followers. She conveyed her expectations for her friends and loved ones regarding her children’s well-being.

The former gubernatorial candidate for Rivers State shared this information on her Instagram story, quoting an online post. Tonto Dikeh urged her loved ones to always remind her children of how much she loves them and how she would go to great lengths to ensure their happiness.

“If I pass away unexpectedly, please remind my kids every time you see them how much I love them and how I would do anything in this world for them. That is all I ask.”

Additionally, Tonto Dikeh recently discussed the topic of remarriage, addressing God in her plea. She jokingly mentioned that the numerous wedding invitations she has been receiving might indicate that she should consider getting married again.

Tonto Dikeh speaks as she finds happiness

Tonto Dikeh implored God not to include marriage in her plans as she feels unprepared and content with her current lifestyle. Although her post may come across as light-hearted, she expressed surprise at the elaborate and expensive nature of modern weddings.

In her words, she wrote, “Lately, I have been receiving a lot of wedding invitations. Hmmmmmmm, dear God, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking because I am not ready for that! Just let me be where I am. On a side note, politics can make you attend various events even when you just want to stay in bed.

Tonto Dikeh speaks as she finds happiness

By the way, how do brides come up with such beautiful and amazing color combinations for their weddings? But the asoebi (traditional attire) can be so expensive… (over 400k). Can’t wait for all of you to see this outfit.”

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