Taaooma screams as she catches Mr Macaroni with a lady in a car

Taaooma screams as she catches Mr Macaroni with a lady in a car. Popular comedienne, Taaooma screamed after she stumbled upon Mr Macaroni driving out with a lady.

In the clip, Macaroni and the young lady were seen in the former’s car preparing to zoom off.

Teasing them, Taaooma began shouting as she accused Mr Macaroni of being an ‘Ashawo’ (Prostitute). Mr Macaroni in defence noted that the lady with him came for counselling.

Taaooma continued screaming at the top of her voice, describing both of them as ‘Ashawo’ as they zoomed off, with the lady looking a bit shy while winding up the car window.

In related news, an uproariously funny video of Yoruba movie veteran, Fathia Williams, dishing out a one-of-a-kind comment on the utterly adorable romance between colleagues, Mr. Macaroni and Bimbo Ademoye, during their time on set, has left internet users in stitches.

Fathia, Macaroni, and Bimbo all graced the screen and delivered stellar performances in their distinct roles in the recently released Netflix film “Jagun Jagun,” brought to life by Nollywood Star and Box Office sensation Femi Adebayo.

To add to the excitement, intriguing behind-the-scenes snippets of the trio have made their way online.

Caught on camera, Mr Macaroni renowned by the moniker Freaky Freaky Daddy, was spotted in an affectionate embrace, tightly holding and hugging the delightful Bimbo Ademoye. Her demeanor echoed the unmistakable mood of a girl immersed in the enchanting depths of love.

In the midst of the duo’s affectionate spell, Fathia Balogun strolled by and found herself unable to resist hitting the brakes. Her voice rang out as she urged them to tread lightly, and playfully teased Bimbo about avoiding any surprises on the pregnancy front.

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