Sam Larry Breaks Silence on Mohbad’s Death

Sam Larry Breaks Silence on Mohbad’s Death. Sam Larry, an embattled socialite and supporter of Nigerian artist Naira Marley, who was accused of being involved in the death of late musician Mohbad, has refuted the claims.

Remember that the concert promoter was accused of oppression and had abused the deceased on several occasions when he was alive, which eventually took its toll on him.

Larry was also accused of influencing event promoters to deny the artist opportunities when he left Marlian Record.

In response to the charges, Sam Larry, in a video posted on Instagram, stated in Yoruba that he was not responsible for Mohbad’s death.

He also stated that he adored the artist when he was alive and will do nothing to damage him.

He said: “Mohbad is my brother, I like him. When he was signed to Marlian Records, he knew I loved him so much. Even his wife knows, everyone knows I love Mohbad.

He added, “Everywhere I go, whether it is Kenya or Dubai, I will call him so that we can go together, I will pay Marlian Records for a show and we will go together.

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“So, if we are at loggerheads, it does not mean it would be deadly, I cannot kill Mohbad, I love him so much.

“God sees my heart, I love him, I cannot kill him, I do not know anything about the cause of his death.”

The show promoter furthered, “In the video that showed him and Zlatan sitting in a wheelchair, Zlatan is my witness, you can call Zlatan to ask him if I laid my hands on Mohbad.

“In the video of him in a club, it was his friend I was having a conversation with. If you watch the video, you will see a few bouncers begging Mohbad to stop the argument because Sam Larry had started settling the crisis. They asked him to desist from it because it was not his concern.” Sam Larry Breaks Silence on Mohbad’s Death

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