Reasons Divorces Should Be Celebrated- Uche Maduagwu

Reasons Divorces Should Be Celebrated- Uche Maduagwu. Uche Maduagwu, a Nollywood actor, has turned to social media to present convincing reasons why divorce anniversaries should be celebrated.

On Friday, September 8th, Maduagwu said on his Instagram page that celebrating divorce should be normalised and that people should stop treating it like a funeral.

He went on to say that divorce is not a sign of failure, but rather of boldness and independence.

Individuals who don’t commemorate their divorce anniversaries, according to the controversial actor, are ungrateful to God, and many individuals are still in horrible and miserable marriages.

“We need to normalize divorce and stop treating it like a funeral,” he wrote. Divorce is not a failure; rather, it is a celebration of bravery and liberty.

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“People who don’t celebrate their #Divorce Anniversaries are being ungrateful to God because so many people are still in Bad and unhappy #Marriages that they are unable to walk out of, so if you are lucky enough to walk out of a #Marriage that does not bring out the #BEST in you, please CELEBRATE, it takes a special GRACE from God to achieve that Freedom.” Reasons Divorces Should Be Celebrated- Uche Maduagwu

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