Paul Okoye celebrates his twins as they turn 6

“My double blessings” Paul Okoye celebrates his twins as they turn 6. Nigerian singer Paul Okoye, known as one half of the music duo Psquare, is joyously celebrating the 6th birthday of his twins, Nadia and Nathan.

Paul took to his Instagram page to share heartfelt birthday wishes and express his love for his “double-double blessings.” He posted adorable photos of the celebrants, capturing the precious moments of their special day.

Not long ago, Paul Okoye also celebrated his eldest child, Andre, who turned 10. Expressing his excitement, Paul shared a delightful picture of his son on Instagram, marking the milestone of entering double digits. He conveyed his birthday wishes and prayed for an abundance of blessings upon Andre as he embarked on this new phase of his life.

To commemorate Andre’s birthday, Paul and his ex-wife, Anita Okoye, organized a birthday bash for their beloved son in the United States. Paul shared pictures on his Instagram story, showcasing Anita, their three kids, and the festive decorations.

A video from the celebration captured the joyful atmosphere as Andre and his friends sang and celebrated together.

Paul Okoye celebrates his twins as they turn 6

In recent news, Anita Okoye and Paul Okoye’s divorce has been officially finalized. Anita filed for divorce in 2021, citing reasons such as infidelity, separation, absentee fatherhood, fraud, and challenging experiences.

After a year-long process, an Abuja High Court in Maitama granted their divorce. Anita emerged victorious in the proceedings, securing a monthly settlement of $20,000 and ownership of several properties owned by her former husband.

As Paul Okoye continues to navigate his personal and professional life, he takes pride in celebrating his children’s milestones and cherishes the love and happiness they bring to his life.

Paul Okoye celebrates his twins as they turn 6

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