Actress Tawa Ajisefinni reunites with her father after 30 years

Actress Tawa Ajisefinni reunites with her father after 30 years. During her visit to Nigeria, Nollywood actress Tawa Ajisefinni took the opportunity to reunite with her biological father, Alhaji Fasasi Oladejo Jimoh Ajisefinni, after a long separation of 30 years.

Actress Tawa Ajisefinni reunites with her father after 30 years

Expressing her joy, the Yoruba movie star conveyed her happiness at finally meeting her father, who is now 92 years old. Tawa acknowledged that many people assumed she didn’t have a father because she mainly posted videos of her beloved mother. However, she revealed that she and her father had not been in contact until last year following his divorce from her mother.

Providing further insight, Tawa disclosed that her father initiated the reconciliation process a year ago, which led to her short visit to him. Despite his past behavior, she emphasized that it was not her place to judge him as a parent.

In a tribute to her late sister, Tawa acknowledged the hardships their mother endured for their sake. She shared her feelings about the meeting on social media, introducing her biological father to her followers for the first time.

Actress Tawa Ajisefinni reunites with her father after 30 years

Her post read as follows: “Hmmmm, Meet my biological father on the gram for the first time. Alhaji Fasasi Oladejo Jimoh Ajisefinni, 92 years old. I’m glad to meet you again after 30 years, Alhamdulilah. A lot of people think I don’t have a father because they only see me celebrating my sweet mum. He reconciled with me about a year ago, and here I am to see him after so many years. He recognized me real quick because he has been seeing me on the screen and he has my picture. I’m not here to judge anyone… Judging the heart of a parent is not in my hands. I’m grateful to the Almighty. RIP to my late sister Airat Adebola Ajisefinni… May mothers not suffer in vain.

She endured a lot, but God is praised today. Situations like this often arise when parents separate. However, MEN, please always be responsible to your children. May good fortune be with you. Live long for us, Alhaji. I missed you, Dad. May God protect you and all of us. Should I settle their quarrel? Let Alhaja continue to enjoy life. (Yes, she just wiped my Oraimo cord).”

This heartfelt reunion serves as a reminder of the complexities that can arise when parents go their separate ways. Tawa’s story highlights the importance of parental responsibility and the value of forgiveness and reconciliation, ultimately demonstrating the resilience and strength of familial bonds.

Tawa Ajisefinni returns to Nigeria after 4 years

According to a recent report by Kemi Filani, Tawa Ajisefinni, the Yoruba movie star, and her husband have returned to Nigeria after spending four years in the United States.

Tawa Ajisefinni took to her Instagram page to share the news, posting a video of herself and her husband at the airport. In the video, she expressed her immense joy at being back in her home country after a long absence of four years and three months.

“Good morning Nigeria. I’m delighted to be back home after a span of four good years and three months,” Tawa Ajisefinni conveyed in her post.

The return of Tawa Ajisefinni and her husband to Nigeria marks a significant moment for the actress and signals her renewed connection to her roots. It will undoubtedly be an exciting time for her fans and followers as they welcome her back to the Nigerian entertainment industry with open arms.

Tawa Ajisefini emotionally reunites with her mother

As part of her return to Nigeria, Tawa Ajisefinni’s first stop was to surprise her mother, who had no idea about her daughter’s homecoming. In a heartwarming video shared by the actress, she, alongside her brother, orchestrated the surprise for their mother.

The video captured the priceless moment when Tawa Ajisefinni’s mother saw her daughter for the first time in four years. Overwhelmed with joy and surprise, the actress’ mother expressed her emotions with delight. It was a truly touching reunion that exemplified the strong bond between a mother and her child.

Tawa Ajisefinni took the opportunity to express her gratitude and appreciation for her mother’s strength throughout the years. She felt blessed to have the chance to meet her mother alive and well. Additionally, Tawa hinted at an upcoming celebration as her mother would soon be turning 70 years old, suggesting the possibility of a birthday party to honor her.

The surprise visit by Tawa Ajisefinni not only touched the hearts of her family but also garnered a beautiful response from fellow celebrities. Personalities such as Femi Adebayo, Biola Bayo, Bidemi Kosoko, Funmi Awelewa, Bukunmi Oluwasina, Yinka Quadri, Foluke Daramola, and many others reacted warmly to the heartwarming reunion, showcasing their support and happiness for Tawa’s return and the special moment shared with her mother.

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